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Moroccan Argan oil

Moroccan Argan oil producer 

Moroccan Argan oil has long been recognized as the dietary and the beauty compliment around the globe. However, the place especially known for the naturally extracted and 100% pure Argan oil is, Morocco. The oil has benefited people around the world. However, let’s first have a look at what actually Argan oil is?

Argan oil extracts from the nut of the Argan fruit. However, it is famous for its beneficial beauty and the dietary products. The main factor behind the therapeutic properties of the Moroccan Argan Oil is the presence of Vitamin A and E. This oil is the amazing combination of Omega-6 Fatty Acids, antioxidants, and the linoleic acid. This oil is no doubt contains health benefits. For this, consider as a beneficial factor of beauty.  Some of the most amazing advantages associated with the Moroccan Argan oil are mentioned below.

Moroccan Argan oil in bulk

Beauty benefits associated with Moroccan Argan Oil


Perfect moisturizer:

Moroccan Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, which provides the excellent moisturizer to the skin.  All you need is to apply a bit of the Argan oil on the face and hands and leave it for the night. It helps in skin repairing and reducing the wrinkles.



Argan Oil is, however, consider as the best exfoliating agent for the skin. The regular exfoliation helps you to remove dead skin from the body. It also gives the body a fresh and more rejuvenating effect.


Excellent acne remedy:

Argan oil is the renowned solution to minimize the sebum level in the skin. Moreover, thus reduces the problem of acne to the significant levels. Moreover, with the richness of Linoleic acid, the Argan oil offers the soothing effect to the inflammation caused by acne. So Moroccan Argan oil is the best remedial actions for the acne problem.


Great lip moisturizer:

One of the most common issues that we have to face in the winters is the dry lips. So what if we tell you that you can have the naturally moisturize and relieve the cracked lips.


Cuticles and nail conditioner:

With the much excessive usage of nail paints and chemicals on the nails, our nails get dull and lose their natural shine. However with the use of natural Moroccan Argan oil now you can regain your nail moisture and shine.


Foot treatment:

The benefits of Argan oil not limited to the face only. You can get the benefit of this amazing moisturizer wherever you want. Our feet are the most neglected part of the body. We often forget to moisturize them and nourish them properly. So if you are feeling that your feet are getting rough, all you need is few drops of magical Argan oil and you have the soft and moisturize feet all over again.


The benefits of Moroccan Argan oil are beyond the limits of this text. However, finding he naturally extracted and the cold-pressed Argan is mandatory to have the maximum benefit. ARGANisme Cosmetics S.A.R.L has established itself as the highest quality Argan Oil provider. However, our products are CCPB USDA certified to be 100% natural virgin Argan oil. So if you want the Argan oil, there is the only distributor with purity and originality guaranteed.


Argan oil for the face,hair & skin care

Argan oil for the face, hair and skin care

What is Argan Oil? 

Over the centuries humans have been using Argan oil for various applications. The nut extract is so beneficial that we may kind of left short of words but the benefits of using it will go on. This piece of writing we are going to mention some of the benefits related to skin, face, and hairs associated with the Argan-oil.

Whether is a skin infection or some dietary purpose people all over the world take advantage of argan oil. But it is so therapeutic? Well, maybe because of the abundance of Vitamin A & E in it. Moreover, Argan oil is rich in linoleic acid, omega -6 fatty acids and antioxidants.


argan oil benefits

Face and hair benefits of Argan oil


Natural Moisturizer:

Argan oil is a natural moisturizer because of its quickly absorbing feature. Just take a drop of Argan-oil and apply it over your face and neck and retain all the moisture without having any oil residue.



Do you want a natural chemical free toner for your skin? Then here it is- Argan-oil act as a toner for the whole body. It is completely safe to use especially around your eyes and other sensitive areas.



Now you don’t need to purchase the costly exfoliators to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. You can make a natural exfoliator at your home in a highly cost-effective manner. All you need is brown sugar and few drops of Argan-oil to do the magic. Exfoliation is necessary as it removes the dead skin cells and diminishes the fine lines.



Are you having the monster named acne in your life? Then its time to settle the score. Argan oil is famous for diminishing the level of sebum in the skin which prevents the excessive oil secretion. Furthermore, the inflammation caused by the acne can also be treated by Argan-oil as it is rich in Linoleic acid.


Stretch mark:

Get rid of those annoying stretch marks with the few drops of Argan-oil. All you need is to rub a few drops of warm Argan oil on the affected areas and you will see the difference.


Excellent hair conditioner:

Argan oil is not at all sticky and this property makes it an ideal conditioner for the hairs with split ends. So don’t waste your hard earned income on expensive conditioners as you have a natural remedy to treat your hairs.  Argan oil helps to repair the frizzy, heat damaged hairs without the usual stickiness of the oil.


Lip care:

Argan oil has covered the complete body by providing the best parlor treatment. In this winter season if you are feeling your lips are getting cranky then just take a drop of Argan-oil and rub it on the lips. It will not only repair your lips but also makes them more moisturized and soft.


Your natural manicure:

Because of its non-greasy nature, Argan oil presents itself as the ideal choice for the treatment of nails and cuticles. Take the drop of Argan-oil and then rub it properly get the oil evenly apply.

The benefits of Argan-oil is beyond the limit of this paper however, we can say that if you have Argan-oil in your home you have a beauty expert with you.



Argan is no doubt good for you skin as well as for hair. If you are looking for 100% organic, certified oil for your skin, then ARGANisme cosmetics are the best suppliers in the whole Morocco. So hurry up and get your glowing skin back.

Bulk argan Oil Supplier and manufacturer

Moroccan Organic bulk argan Oil

Are you looking for the trusted and certified partner who can supply you bulk argan oil? If yes, then stop your search now. ARGANisme Cosmetics is one of the trusted and faithful suppliers in the market for your bulk argan oil demand. We are recognized for our top notch and 100% pure argan oil and natural products.

Argan oil is an organic product and used for softening skin, hairs and removing aging marks on the face. ARGANisme Cosmetics is a Moroccan registered company who is knowns for its import and export of bulk argan oil.

We are the wholesale suppliers who are offering bulk argan oil to the customers for many years. Whether you need argan oil for culinary use or whether you want to use it in natural cosmetic products, we are here to provide you 100% high quality; full cold pressed natural argan oil.

We never conciliate on the quality, every product is first checked and then supply to the customers. So you don’t need to worry about the authentication of the oil as we only provide you 100% genuine products to our valuable customers.

We Import and Export 100% pure Natural Argan Oil and cosmetic products in Morocco


moroccan bulk argan oil

Bulk argan oil 

What makes us different?

Many companies in the market are offering you, Argan oil, but the quality is low. At this point, we come in the ground with our natural cosmetic products that are ECOCERT and USDA certified that perfectly meet the international standards of quality. Furthermore, our prices are much lower as compared to other suppliers in the market. However, you can take advantage of our all natural Argan oil products.

Another main difference that makes us altered from others is we never compromise on the delivery time of products. As we never want to make our clients wait for the products.

ARGANisme is your one-stop-shop for purchasing argan oil in pure form at affordable rates.

Why choose ARGANisme Cosmetics?

However, there are many reasons to choose us for your argan oil needs:

  • Our cosmetic products are 100% safe and secure
  • We only import and export 100% pure, ECOCERT, US NOP certified, COLD PRESSED Argan oil
  • The quality of oil and products is remarkable
  • We have our millions of satisfying buyers with us
  • 100% product satisfaction and money back guarantee
  • All the products are ship with proper care and always ready in stock for shipping
  • Safe payment methods

So these are some of the reasons for why choosing us on others. Whatever your need is and how much argan oil do you need, we always have bulk in our stock. So never compromise on your needs as only top class argan oil supply is our primary objective and we never compromise on it.

We at ARGANisme welcome all our valuable customers buy safe and 100% pure products. We only provide you quality. Moreover, we supply major merchants in Europe, USA, Australia, China, Japan and UAE, Qatar for Spa and Hammam and to the supermarket.

Importing Argan oil- how to find real argan oil from Morocco

How to find real argan oil from Morocco ?


1 – Argan Oil Factory

When you’re searching for the highest quality argan oil to infuse in your products, you need to look no further than our Argan Oil Factory. From raw materials to the finished and refined oil we ensure an attention to detail that no other argan oil factory does.

We employ intense quality checks to ensure the final product meet the specifications which you’ve laid out for us.

Whether you’re looking for the purest possible quality to bottle and sell as pharmaceutical grade argon oil or infusion quality oil to add to your soaps and lotions, we follow your instructions to the letter.

In addition to superior quality systems, our Argan Oil Factory runs on highly efficient methods, which means we’re able to turn your order around quicker than most other argan oil factories.

Don’t risk the quality of your products with questionable argan oil. Choose our Argan Oil Factory and ensure that you and your customers receive the highest quality products, quickly.

2- Argan Oil Export

Creating high quality health and beauty products with argan oil requires Argan Oil Export from a highly qualified exporter.

Our Argan Oil Export is one of the most efficient of all argan oil exporters.

We understand how important it is that you receive our argan oil quickly.

You have time and budget constrictions.

The longer your products sit waiting for the most important ingredient, the longer you have to wait to make your profits. Our argan oil export delivers the exact amount of argan oil you requested to you as quickly as possible, so you can continue to make the finest argan oil products.

With our years of experience in argan oil export, we can quickly navigate the paperwork required to get your argon oil from our factory to yours without undue delays at customs.

No matter where you are, we can provide you with high quality argan oil export quickly, so you can keep your production running smoothly.


3- Argan Oil Distributors

Our company is one of the best Argan Oil Distributors available in the world today.

Pure argan oil and argan oil products are becoming a hot commodity in today’s health and beauty market.

As it’s a rising trend, the time to begin looking for argan oil distribuors and making argan oil products in now! The health and beauty benefits of using argon oil have been known for ages.

The modern market is only now beginning to realize what they’ve been ignoring. As one of the premier argan oil distributors in the world we’ll be able to get you the amount of argan oil you need as quickly as you need it.

Choosing us over other argan oil distributors will give you the advantage. We offer the purest argan oil available on the market today.

We know that our high quality oil will help make your health and beauty products the publics favorite.

4 – Argan Oil Producers

Creating a diverse range of products made with argon oil means that you’ll need to find argan oil producers who make the finest argan oil available.

Out of all of the argan oil producers, we’ve searched the globe to find the highest quality source of argan oil.

With the greatest of care and attention to detail, we ensure that our argan oil is produced to the highest quality standards that you require.

While there are several argan oil producers out there, you can rely on us to deliver the argon oil you need in a timely fashion.

As one of the top argan oil producers, we believe in quality, expediency, and superior customer service.

All of our staff and workers are trained to achieve high quality results quickly, so that of all the argan oil producers available, we can provide you with the best and most pure argan oil to use for your products.

5 – Bulk Argan Oil Wholesale

Buying bulk argan oil wholesale is the most profitable way to create your health and beauty products that use argon oil and their special ingredient.

Bulk argan oil wholesale allows you to purchase a large volume of argan oil at a deep discount.

At such a deep discount you’ll be able to achieve high profits because the price of bulk argan oil wholesale lowers your overall production cost.

As you get ready to launch new products and product lines, consider purchasing bulk argan oil wholesale from us.

High quality products begin with a high quality of bulk argan oil wholesale.

We search out and select the highest quality source of argan oil so that you can create top of the line products.

By selecting bulk argan oil wholesale, you’ll be able to raise the quality of your products without having the raise the price because bulk argan oil is available at and incredible discount.


6 -Argan Oil Wholesale Supplier

Developing and mixing products with argon oil requires finding a reputable argan oil wholesale supplier.

When selecting an argan oil wholesale supplier, make sure that they are dedicated to making the highest quality argan oil available.

They should have systems set in place to ensure that your argan oil is tested for quality in every step of production.

Your argan oil wholesale supplier also needs to choose a high quality source from which they produce their argan oil. They should offer you several grades of argan oil from which to choose, or offer to make your argan oil to the grade of your choosing.

Argan oil that is sold pure requires more processing than argan oil that is infused into some health and beauty products. Lastly, make sure that your argan oil wholesale supplier has a plan in place to ensure timely shipment of your argan oil so that you can keep your production on schedule.

7 -Argan Oil Private Label

Creating exclusive products such as argan oil private label is highly profitable and ensure that customers feel that they have the highest quality argan product available.

Our company creates highly refined and pure argan oil that’s very desirable for your argan oil private label products.

Women and men alike have a renewed interest in both health and beauty.

As such, they seek out the highest quality products such as argan oil private label.

When you purchase your argan oil from us, you can assure your customers with pride that your products are the best and most exclusive on the market.

We select only the highest grade sources of argan oil so that what we produce will exceed both yours and your customers’ expectations.

Appeal to your consumers desire to live a healthy lifestyle while looking as beautiful as possible.

Create your argan oil private label products with our exclusive high grade argan oil.



Argan oil Benefits

Argan oil benefits .Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, endemic to Morocco. It is valued for its nutritive and cosmetic properties.

Pure and natural Argan Oil has been used in Morocco for centuries to nourish and protect the skin, hair and nails. Argan oil contains natural tocopherols (vitamin E), essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Argan Oil is ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive skins. It is an excellent moisturising emollient for dry, rough skin and can also be used to add a beautiful healthy sheen to hair, leaving it feeling silky soft and smooth.

The oil penetrates the hair shafts unlocking its natural vitamins stimulating hair growth whilst also improving hair elasticity. This process causes the hair shafts to smoothen down increasing smoothness whilst also decreasing unmanageable/ uncontrollable hair.

The natural antioxidants located within the oil penetrate the hair from the tip to the root repairing damaged and frizzy hair in the process.

This also hydrates the hair eliminating roughness and curling of the hair giving you softer, smoother hair.

Argan oil has many benefits for the skin and can be used for various skin conditions. The Argan oil penetrates layers of the skin releasing its natural vitamins and fatty acids combined with omega 6 into the skin.

Clinically proven as an anti ageing tool by promoting production of collagen in the skin therefore effectively fights against free radicals responsible for facial wrinkles, neckline and the signs of ageing throughout the body. Argan oil leaves the skin soft and nourished with more natural elasticity whilst also restoring vitality to the nails.

For soft skin and hair, apply directly to the desired area as needed.

Use:Face and body and Haire
Supply Type:OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
Feature:Anti-Aging, Moisturizer, Nourishing, Skin Revitalizer
Main Ingredient:Argania Spinosa kernel
Place of Origin:Morocco
Port:FOB Casablanca /Tanger MED / Agadir
Packaging Details:40ml, 60ml, 100ml ,125ml, in PET plastic bottle with pump 250ml, 500 ml, 1Liter, 10 Liters, 20 liters, 25 liters ,33 Liters in drum with cap Argan Oil can be 40ml, 60ml, 100ml ,250ml, 500 ml in amber or trasparent glass bottle with cap
Delivery Time: 5 days after confirmation of all detaills and deposit
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability:20000 Liters per Week

For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing.

Suggested Use
Can be used as your daily moisturiser.
Can be applied to split ends.
To condition cuticles.
As a body moisturiser.
Apply to rough patches of skin on the elbows, knees and feet.
As a bath oil.
I inform you that deodorizing the oil is part of our filtration process.

It is a process totally in cold pressed process.Il is to pass through the oil plates natural active carbon imported from Germany , which are specially designed to deodorize and discolor the vegetable oil.

Also, through this process, we arrive at fixing qualities of the oil and neutralize potential risks of germs.

As you probably know, the use of plates natural active carbon in the field of treatment of drinking water, the air is very old , and is even part of Good Hygiene Practices , and does not affect the quality product .

Its use in the field of processing of vegetable oils is relatively recent …

The introduction of this technique in the field of Argan oil , is part of efforts to research and development that we do not stop to realize the advantage to improve the quality of our Argan oil, and respond with the same Used expectations of our professional customers in the field of cosmetics.

Natural argan oil supplier

argan oil 125 ml

Wholesale supplier of bulk organic deodorized argan oil
1.ECOCERT, US NOP certified manufacturer;
2.100% natural argan oil;
3.Direct From Manufacturer Bulk Argan Oil

Argan oil worldwide supplier

Argan oil supplier

wholesale supplier of bulk 100% virgin argan oil
1.ECOCERT, US NOP certified manufacturer;
2.100% virgin argan oil;
3.Direct From Manufacturer Bulk Argan Oil


Total quantity                      : 1000 Kgs

Packaging                             : 5 Kgs, 25 Kgs drums

Destination                          : Seoul, South Korea

Shelf life                               : 2 years


Name of product                : Argan oil

Brand name                         : ARGANISME

Batch number                     : 001C/13

Date of manufacture         : 12/11/2013


Technical Condition of       : EEACE /COFRAC NFEN ISO660, NF EN ISO 3656, COI/T.20/Doc.n°19, NF EN ISO 662, NF EN ISO 12966-2, NF EN ISO 5508


Names of indices

AND (analytical and normative documentation) Standard requirements

Test results

Free acidity

% expressed in Oleic acid

0,20 – 0,80


Peroxide value

meq/O2 active per Kg

0,90 – 3,10


Water content and volatile matter

 % m/m

0,01 – 1,01



Very light yellow, clear oily liquid


PH Value



Physical character

Liquid at room temperature


Fatty acid composition




Pentadecanoic acid

≤ 0,1

< 0,1

Palmitic acid

11,00 – 15,00


Palmitoleic acid

≤ 0,1


Heptadecanoic acid

≤ 0,1


Heptadecenoic acid

≤ 0,1

< 0,1

Stearic acid

5,00 – 7,00


Oleic acid

45,00 – 49,00


Linoleic acid

32,00 – 34,00


Linolenic acid

≤ 0,1


Arachidic acid

0,20 – 0,50


Gadoleic acid

0,30 -0,60


Myristic acid

≤ 0,1


Behenic acid

≤ 0,1



Conclusion: Positive.

Sample of Argan Oil, made under the cold pressing method. Series 001C/13 is  conforms to the requirements of Technical Conditions of EEACE /COFRAC NFEN ISO660, NF EN ISO 3656, COI/T.20/Doc.n°19, NF EN ISO 662, NF EN ISO 12966-2, and NF EN ISO 5508 as to the above indices.

Pure argan oil for haire for amazon sellers

Argan Hair Oil

Argan Hair Oil


Pure argan oil for haire for amazon sellers

1.ECOCERT, US NOP certified manufacturer;
2.100% natural argan oil;
3.Cold pressed .
Arganisme COSMETICS is able to offer Pure argan oil An unrivalled natural treasure, Argan oil has been discovered for centuries ago by Moroccan women in the southern region of MOROCCO for its many beneficial uses. Our Argan oil is organically certified by Ecocert / US NOP and contain elevated levels of Omega 6 & 9 essential fatty Acids, linoleic acid and vitamin E. Pure argan oil This rich oil is endowed with all the natural antioxidants recommended for the prevention of premature aging. Through its super hydration, it is able to defend the skin from skin aging and dehydration.




1) Identification of product and supplier

Product Name :           Argan Oil

Supplier :                     ARGANisme Cosmetics

2) Composition and information on ingredients

INCI Name :                Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Chemical composition : Produced by mechanical pressing of the seeds of the argan iron tree        Argania spinosa L. Skeel, Sapotaceae family

Status :                        Natural

Additives :                    None

  Application :                Aromatherapy, skin care, Emollient, Skin conditioning