organic argan oil private label
organic argan oil private label

Why you should go for organic argan oil private label :

  1. Control over the pricing of the product/service,
  2. Put forth your own ideas on marketing plans,
  3. Create a personalized image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty,
  4. Higher control on production, marketing, distribution, and profits,
  5. Give their own inputs, additional materials, logos, tag lines, etc.
  6. Customer’s changing preference – drive towards private label products.

Packaging and Branding Services

ARGANISME can supply a large variety of different packaging methods for shipping our argan oil. The packing methods we select comply with international safety standards. On occasion, we also allow clients to determine the specific packaging method of goods to meet their requirements. organic argan oil private label

Branding and Package Design of ARGAN Oil Products organic argan oil private label

ARGANISME provides a complete branding service for clients wishing to penetrate their domestic markets using their very own private label.


We have many varieties of bottles and containers at our disposal; of course, the client may supply their own, or can send us a sample for us to mass produce.

Private Labeling

The client can supply their own label or have one produced for them by our team of designers, we can design exactly to your specifications. organic argan oil private label


We can supply casing solutions to meet any specifications ranging from customized design cases, case-printed designs, and other custom requirements.

Please contact us with your requirements.


50 ml 1,6 fl Oz argan oil private labeling



4,3 fl oz 100 ml argan oil in private labeling service

Our Argan Range for Private Labeling

  1. -Cosmetic pure argan oil
  2.  Prickly Pear Seed Oil
  3. -Culinary Argan oil
  4. -Cream with argan oil (skincare)
  5. -Anti-wrinkle Argan Cream
  6. -Almond Cream
  7. -Moisturizing Argan Cream
  8. -Night Argan cream
  9. -Cream with argan oil and cactus
  10. -Argan oil day cream with rose flavor
  11. -Argan oil day cream with citrus flavor
  12. -Argan oil day cream with lavender flavor
  13. -Argan oil day cream with jasmine flavor
  14. -Argan oil day cream with musk flavor
  15. -Anti-eczema Argan oil Cream
  16. -Anti- Acne Argan oil Cream
  17. -Anti psoriasis argan oil cream
  18. -Argan oil body milk for Sensitive skin and atopic
  19. -Anti-aging argan cream
  20. -Anti-dark circles Cream
  21. -Day cream Lightening
  22. -Sun Argan oil, INDICE 5
  23. -Cellulite oil
  24. -Lip cream
  25. -Argan oil & shampoo for haircare
  26. -Argan oil shampoo with eucalyptus flavor
  27. -Argan oil shampoo with lavender flavor
  28. -Argan oil shampoo with mint flavor
  29. -Argan oil shampoo for hair loss prevention
  30. -Argan oil for haire loss
  31. -Haire argan oil cream
  32. -Argan oil after Shampoo
  33. -Argan oil milk
  34. -Argan oil shower gel
  35. -Ghassoul paste
  36. -Ghassoul paste with orange blossom
  37. -Ghassoul paste with orange blossom
  38. -Ghassoul paste with rose
  39. -Ghassoul paste with rose
  40. -Ghassoul paste with honey
  41. -Ghassoul paste with honey
  42. -clay paste
  43. -White clay paste
  44. -White clay paste
  45. -Red clay paste
  46. -Red clay paste
  47. -Green clay paste
  48. -Green clay paste Argan oil soap
  49. -Argan oil soap
  50. -Argan oil soap with musk flavor
  51. -Argan oil soap with amber flavor
  52. -Argan oil soap with black flavor
  53. -Argan oil soap with sea flavor
  54. -Argan oil soap with ghassoul flavor
  55. -Argan oil soap with lavender flavor
  56. -Argan oil soap with orange blossom flavor
  57. -Argan oil soap with rose flavor
  58. -Argan oil soap with jasmine flavor
  59. -Black soap with eucalyptus
  60. -Black soap with lavender 150 g
  61. -Rose water
  62. -Orange blossom water
  63. -Argan oil body milk
  64. -Argan oil shower gel
  65. -Argan oil lotion with rose flavor
  66. -Argan oil lotion with rose flavor
  67. -Argan oil lotion with Eucalyptus flavor
  68. -Argan oil lotion with Arnica Montana flavor
  69. -Argan oil lotion with Rosemary flavor
  70. -Argan oil lotion with Lavender flavor
  71. -Argan oil lotion with Cinnamon flavor
  72. -Argan oil lotion with Mint flavor
  73. -Argan oil lotion with Aloe Vera flavor
  74. -Argan oil lotion with Lemon flavor
  75. -Argan oil lotion with Ponplemous flavor
  76. -Argan oil lotion with Jasmine flavor
  77. -Argan oil lotion with Gardenia flavor
  78. -Argan oil lotion with Musk flavor
  79. -Argan oil lotion with Amber flavor
  80. -Argan oil lotion with Red Thyme flavor


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